Untitled – A Poem

I want to taste you
on my lips.
Feel your embrace.
As you bloom,
Sweet dew and
sacred scents,
Fill this empty room.

We break the silence
with screams,
As I beckon you to
come again.
I watch as you smile
and writhe,
In blissful pain.

You tell me to stop,
But I know you want more.
Your body commands it.
It arches. Twists. Soaks.
Our mouths meet for
The moon, carves light
On our bodies.

Time – A Poem – 02/10/2009

Hold the phone.
Steady your pen.
It’s time.

The clock chimes.
Blessed hour.
It’s time.

We toast our friends.
Our friendly thoughts.
It’s time.

We whisper to our eyes.
We cry.
It’s time.

It’s time we sang,
That gentle note.
And as the peace was broken
We carry it, into our thoughts.
For the day today,
Will never be the same.
It’s time.